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Truly “Raw” Almonds – where to get ’em.

As many raw foodies are aware, most “raw” almonds are not actually raw because the FDA in its Infinite Wisdom requires all almonds sold to be either chemically treated or steam pasteurized. What to do? Get them imported from Spain and Italy, or… buy them directly from the grower!

I have been buying imported raw almonds from Living Nutz, which for some reason are not subject to the same pasteurization standards as US grown almonds. High quality, but pricey.  I recently discovered that you can also order from the California almond growers directly.

If you live close to California, I would try ordering almonds from Organic Pastures which also looks like a fantastic raw milk source, but unfortunately, they don’t ship all the way to NYC.

Here is a California almond farm that does, and with free shipping!  (In my free-shipping consumer frenzy I just ordered 10 pounds before I realized they were not listed as organic), but still, I like their rebellious nature…

This is what they posted online:

The pasteurization rule allows farmers to sell unpasteurized almonds at road side stands and certified farmers’ markets, so we just set up an “online roadside stand” I just don’t understand why my neighbors are allowed to buy my fresh almonds, but folks back east, or in the midwest, or anywhere else for that matter, aren’t allowed to. So, via our online roadside stand, truly raw almonds are available, just waiting to be enjoyed. Check us out!

Go Briden Wilson Farm!

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