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Addicted to FRESH

I live in NYC, and am a certified food nut. Usually can’t even remember the names of my relatives, but ask me what I remember about some 2 week trek in the Himalayas over 20 years ago… and you will get total food recall. (A little hut… they served us “mussel pizza”, which was steamed dough topped with Chinese canned mussels. It was delicious!).

New York is a city where you can pretty much get any type of food you like, any way you like it, any time day or night. So the rules change here a bit, and surprisingly, I don’t actually go out that much. It was different when I lived outside the city and came in – all I wanted was good Asian, or whatever I wasn’t getting where I was. But here, in the middle of everything, when people ask me what kind of food I like to eat, I say “Fresh!” Because that’s the rare gem to be found here. Not just fresh, but fresh done really well, when it sparkles off your plate. When you think Wow!… then mmmmm…..

I love finding these spots, and will be posting them in the FOOD GEMS category as I find them.

But back to Fresh-  its something that once you develop a taste for, there is no going back. I developed this, and became conscious of it, cooking for Andrew Cohen, my spiritual teacher of over 15 years. There was one particular day that I made an omelette for him. I had recently seen the movie Big Night, and was on a serious omelette trip at the time, and can confidently say by anyone’s standards it was a GORGEOUS little omelette, a perfectly balanced sweet-savory combo of caramelized onions, zucchini and thyme, light on the eggs, perfectly cooked… or at least I thought.

Andrew sent it back. He asked me to taste it, to see if I could tell what was wrong with it, and I did. It was dead.

The tastes were all perfectly balanced, but the veggies had lost their life, and I realized that you can taste the life force in food. From that moment on, that sense  of life, that Fresh, became an irrevocable 6th element for me, in both cooking and eating.

My name is Jorin – I am a Fresh-oholic.

October 28, 2009 - Posted by | Food Consciousness, Fresh

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